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Amazon Giveaway! SUCCUBUS Now Available!

Hey Y'All! After far longer than I hoped, SUCCUBUS is finally finished and available on Amazon!

To celebrate, I'm hosting an Amazon giveaway! CLICK HERE FOR A CHANCE TO WIN A COPY!

Desiree always dreamed she’d have the perfect life of a Southern Belle: a dog, two kids, and a white picket fence. She never imagined she would end up forced to be a dominatrix in order to feed her succubus appetites. Even though she escaped that situation, she knows the perfect life she wanted is no longer within her reach.

When she meets a twenty-five-year-old virgin, her mouth starts to water. Ryan is the kind of man she's always wanted. He's kind, honest, and looks adorable in his NYPD uniform. Trouble is, he's engaged. Or was...

Desiree is called in to consult on an NYPD case as a member of the parapolice. Three women have turned up dead, drained of their sexual energy… and Ryan’s too close to the case for comfort. Desiree wants to believe that Ryan is a good man, but she might be falling in love with a serial killer...

This SWEET 34,000 word novella contains tortured souls, gobs of sugary-sweet romance, and one sassy Southern Belle!

Wanna copy? Click HERE for a chance to win one!

Didn't win? Click HERE to buy the book!
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