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Life is Life

So, it's been a while since I posted. Things have been going pretty well in my life--I'm doing VERY well at my new job as a teacher and getting tons of compliments! (My vice principal told me she's never seen a first year teacher do this well and the behavior specialist, herself a veteran teacher of around 20 years, said in front of a whole group of people that I'm "as good a teacher as a 20-year veteran"!)

However, being good at my job means not having ANY time or brainpower for writing. I haven't even been reading fanfiction or my flist. Mostly I work from 7AM till 4 or 5PM (I'm allowed to go home at 2:30PM, but I never leave at that time, lol), come home, cook dinner, eat, watch some television, and crash. On the weekends, I sleep, do laundry, and spend time with the family.

But that's what the life of most first year teachers looks like. I've already started streamlining things in my life, so hopefully by by second year as a teacher I'll be able to have a social life! If not, at least I get the summers off. =P

Unfortunately, this holiday season has been difficult. My uncle, who I barely knew, died the Friday before Christmas, and my grandmother, who I wasn't particularly close to, died New Year's Day, both on my father's side. I'm sad, but not distraught. Mostly I feel horrible for my dad, who had to deal with both of these sudden deaths so close to each other.

Still, life must go on. I'm trying to look at the new year positively. I have a single resolution this year: lose weight. I'm terribly unhealthy at the moment, and feeling much older than my years, so I just want to get down to a healthier weight. My ultimate goal is to fit into my Senior Prom dress again. I felt fit and healthy in high school, though I was still technically overweight, and I'll be happy to get back to that point.

My hopes, though I wouldn't call them resolutions, are to finish THE BET, write some Young Adult books that have been begging to be written for 5 years now (seriously, I have the notes I took 5 years ago when I started to outline the plot!) and for which I already have the cover art (painted by a fabulously talented friend), and to just enjoy life. I'm done with school, settling into my dream career, and hoping to move into my own apartment next fall. I'm hoping 2013 will be a great year for me!

And I'm hoping it will be a great year for all of you too! Happy New Year everyone! ♥
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