Stella Notecor (stella_notecor) wrote,
Stella Notecor


Quick poll tonight. I feel like shit. I've been having dizzy/nausea spells on and off for about 3 months now. They only hang around for 2-3 days a month, but they suck. All I want to do is sleep... but I'm still working on The Bet. I really, really want to finish soon.

While dizzy, non-writing tasks are easier, so I started playing around with my book cover for The Bet. Check out the two versions below, then please take the poll! And I mean everyone! Even if you've never written a word to me, please, please, please fill out the poll. This is market research people, and I need to know what everyone in the market likes. =P

Poll #1864559 Covers?

I like the dimensions (length x width) better for...


I like the fonts better on...


I like the color of the image better for...


Tags: publishing: marketing, the bet

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