Stella Notecor (stella_notecor) wrote,
Stella Notecor

Ew, Grammar!

So, today I finished revisions on COMMUNICATION. Yay! I'm sending it off to someone now for proofreading, and then it will be ready for release on the internet as an ebook. No worries though, it'll be free. =D

However, as I was looking into formatting it for ebook, I decided to read over THE BROKEN, just to kind of get a feel for how I formatted that ebook. Instead of noticing the formatting, however, I soon found myself realizing that it has some grammar issues. It's certainly not horrible, but there are some sentences that could really be cleaned up.

This is a good thing, I suppose, because it means that I've grown as a writer over the past year. The fact that I can now recognize that some of my writing was a bit clumsy is fabulous! However, the fact that I released such clumsy writing is embarrassing. Once I finish THE BET and release it, I think I'll go back and edit THE BROKEN. I won't be changing any of the story, as I feel that once a story has been released, it's done and shouldn't be changed, but I will go through and clean up my grammar and double check for typos and such. =)

Tags: writing: a writer's life for me, writing: editing

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