Stella Notecor (stella_notecor) wrote,
Stella Notecor

RL is OK.

So, real life update: I've got two different schools interested in hiring me for part-time positions. While I would much prefer a full-time position, this will be a foot in the door! However, neither position has been finalized yet, so I have to wait to hear from the district about whether I'm going to be hired.

Ugh. Bureaucracy in the school system sucks.

Even if both positions do fall through, I've been hired by an online tutoring company, so that's something at least!

And as for my current cashier position, my last official day is tomorrow! While I'll miss the people, I WON'T miss the job. =P

Things are finally falling into place!

(My stress levels and thus my anxiety are still through the roof though, lol. It'll take a few weeks of settling into the new job before I'm able to relax again...)
Tags: personal: yay
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