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Fic: Kicked From Inside - Chapter 3/18 (Kirk/Spock, NC-17)

Chapter Three

Jim woke up in sickbay to find Spock and Bones staring down at him.

“What did I do this time?”

Shockingly, a deep blush spread across Spock’s cheeks and Bones got a rather- nauseous look on his face. The only thing he could think of that would cause that reaction is that he finally told Spock how he felt. Spock probably decked him, landing him in sickbay.

Bones cleared his throat. “Do you remember beaming down to retrieve the polonium?”

Jim thought for a minute. Then the memories slammed into him. “Fuck.”

“Unfortunately, you did that already.” Bones crossed his arms. “And now you’ll have to deal with the consequences.”

“Consequences? Of what? Getting off the planet alive?” Had they broken some kind of regulation getting away? The last thing he remembered was Spock slamming into him and coming.

“Of having unprotected sex.”

Jim sucked in a breath. “Spock, you gave me an STD?” How had Spock even gotten an STD? He’d heard Uhura talking to Christine Chapel once about how Spock wouldn’t go down on her, let alone have intercourse. Had he been with someone else?

Bones snorted. “I suppose you could call a baby that.”

He bolted upright in bed. “Baby? I… what? We’re men.”

Spock clasped his hands behind his back. “The drug was not merely an aphrodisiac. Its main purpose is to increase fertility. Even in men.”

“So, what? I’ve got a baby growing in my butthole?” The thought was too weird to wrap his mind around. Where would it fit? He had to poop. Wouldn’t that just knock the thing out? Or would he have to suffer through nine months of constipation?

Bones picked up a padd and handed it to him. On it was a male body, sliced in half so the organs could be seen. A tiny, pulsing red light seemed to have attached itself to what Jim thought was a liver.

“As far as I can tell, the embryo went looking for the best place to attach. The human liver regenerates better than any other human organ.” Bones took back the padd. “You’re lucky actually. Once we remove the embryo, you shouldn’t have any lasting side effects.”

“No.” The word burst out of his mouth before he could even think. “You’re not removing it.”

While he had never imagined this situation occurring, he knew he didn’t want any kid of his being aborted. Carol Marcus had stolen that decision from him once. No one would take it away from him this time.

Spock’s eyes widened, startled. “But , Jim—”

Jim shook his head. “As women have been saying for centuries, it’s my body. I can do what I want with it.” He gave a small smile. “Don’t worry though, I won’t make you be a dad. I can take care of the kid myself.”

Bones growled. “Jim, you can’t take care of a baby if you die having it.”


“Didn’t you ever wonder why, even in this day and age, men don’t get pregnant?” Bones waved the body diagram around. “It’s because we’re not built for it. Feeding an embryo requires massive amounts of nutrients from the blood. A uterus is full of dedicated blood vessels for the embryo to attach to. Your liver is not. If it connects to the wrong one, your liver will shut down.”

Jim glanced down at his stomach. “How many men have died?”

Bones frowned. “Well… none. Simulations and animal testing both failed repeatedly, so the research was abandoned before it could reach human testing.”

“Then I’ll be the first test subject.”

Bones threw his hands up in the air. “Dammit, Jim!” He turned to Spock. “Tell him why this is a bad idea.”

Jim looked up in time to see a wistful look cross Spock’s face. Then it went stony. “Your health is in danger. You should have the embryo removed.”

“Spock,” Jim gave him a half-smile. “The baby is part Vulcan.”

All three of them went silent for a moment. Since the destruction of Vulcan, every child born of Vulcan descent had been considered a blessing.

As terrible as it was for him to guilt-trip Spock, Jim knew he was doing the right thing. This was his child. He knew what it was like to be an unwanted kid, and he would never let that happen to his baby.

Spock wavered for a long moment before shaking his head. “We do not know if the embryo is viable. Genetics are unpredictable. It could suffer from deformities.”

Jim turned to Bones. “Scan it. With a basic genetic profile, we’ll be able to tell if it’s screwed up, right?”

Bones frowned. “Will you let me remove it if it is?”

He nodded, though he knew he really wouldn’t. Even if the child only lived for a day, he would give it life.

Laying back on the biobed, Jim waited while Bones ran a specialized scanner over him. The data was then loaded into the computer and processed. After a long minute, the results appeared on the screen.

Gender Chromosomes: XY

Fetal Age: 13.2 Standard hours

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Black

Race: 72.2% Human, 27.8% Vulcan

Potential Genetic Risks: Propensity for Manic-Depressive Disorder, Propensity for Cancer, Propensity for High Blood Pressure, Propensity for Obesity

Jim couldn’t help but snicker. “I bet the fat genes are from your side, Spock.”

Both men glared at him.

“It was just a joke…”

“You’re facing death, and you’re laughing!” Bones growled.

Jim shrugged. “Not really.”

Spock’s brow furrowed slightly. “You distinctly made a small noise that lasted 1.47 seconds and which could be described as a laugh.”

Jim resisted the urge to snicker again. “I meant I’m not really facing death.” He gestured to the bio bed he was still sitting on. “This is the best sickbay in the quadrant, staffed by the best nurses and the best doctor.” Bones looked a little surprised, until Jim smirked. “M’Benga is the foremost Human authority on Vulcans, after all.”

Bones thwapped him in the head with the padd. “Shut it.”

Jim stuck out his bottom lip. “No fair hitting a pregnant person.” He rubbed his head.

Instantly, Bones’s irritated look morphed into one of guilt. “Sorry.”

Well, wasn’t that interesting? Bones really was an old southern softie.

“Perhaps M’Benga should be brought in to consult on this case,” Spock spoke up.

“He’s doesn’t know?”

Bones shook his head. “We wanted to keep this between us.” He glanced at Spock. “We didn’t think you’d want the crew to find out what happened on the planet.”

No, he didn’t want them to find out what had happened on the planet, but that was only because he wanted to keep that knowledge to himself. He remembered having Spock buried inside of them, their bodies fitting perfectly together, their minds…

His chest ached. Their minds had fit together so perfectly, just as Jim had expected they would. His connection with the other Spock had shown him how compatible they were, but Spock’s life experiences had left him too far away for Jim to reach. He loved the old man, but only as a father figure.

Old Spock made him feel safe and cared for. His Spock challenged him. He made Jim want to become better than he thought he could be. In a mere eighteen months, he had helped Jim become a captain fit to command Starfleet’s flagship.

He knew Spock had trouble getting close to people. But when Spock had joined their minds, Jim hadn’t been able to stop himself from grasping Spock’s consciousness and holding it close. Bones was Jim’s best friend. Spock was something… more. They shared something beyond expression.

At least, that’s what Jim believed until Spock had thought to himself that Jim was his captain and “nothing more.”

In his mind, Jim was nothing more than a boss. He wasn’t even considered a friend. That hurt, more than Jim wanted to think about.

He gathered his thoughts. “I don’t want him to know. I don’t want anyone to know, not right away. Human women usually don’t share the news till the second trimester, right?”

Bones shook his head. “If we do this, I’m going to need M’Benga to help me figure out if the embryo is developing properly.”

Jim sighed. “Fine. Anything it takes to keep him alive.”

“You’re serious about this?” Bones fixed his gaze on Jim, studying him like a strange readout on a tricorder.

He nodded. “I want this baby, Bones.”

“Alright. But when you hemorrhage to death, I’m going to inscribe your coffin with ‘I Told You So.” He frowned and opened a file on the padd. “You’re going to have to get daily vitamin injections. And we’ll have to start the steroids as soon as it’s safe—hopefully the little guy’s lungs will be strong enough that we can get him out by twenty-eight weeks…”

Bones wandered off, muttering to himself. After the door closed behind him, Jim took a deep breath. “Spock?”

Those big, dark eyes pierced him through. “Yes?”

“You know, if we don’t tell anyone else what happened down there, you don’t have to claim the kid. We’ll be at New Vulcan in a week for you and Uhura’s preliminary bond. I’ll just tell everyone I got knocked up down there. Another weird allergic reaction or something.”

Spock pursed his lips. “I will claim the child as mine. There is no shame in the birth of one who is Vuhlkansu.”

“I know, but I don’t want to screw things up for you and Uhura.” As far as Jim could tell, she was the only person in Spock’s life who he was close to. Even Spock’s father maintained a distance, considering he only commed the Enterprise once a month.

And it totally wasn’t weird that Jim knew that—he only kept track of comms from New Vulcan because he always hoped it would be Old Spock on the line.

The stiffness in Spock’s shoulders faded slightly. “I cannot hide the knowledge from Nyota. When we bond, she will know all of me.”

Know all of him? Sounded nice. Of all the people in the universe, Bones and Spock knew the most about him, and even they didn’t know everything. Like how he thought Spock’s cock was fucking hot. Everything about it was insanely awesome: the inhuman green color, the extra bump about halfway down it that felt so good plunging into his ass, and even the natural lubrication that made dry anal sex a thing of the past.

Spock gave him an odd look. He wondered if Spock ever picked up random thoughts without touching people. God, he hoped not. Jim had always had a bad habit of sexualizing the people around him, but Spock had been the star of his fantasies lately. Probably just because of all the time they’d been spending together.

Jim cleared his throat. “Well, I guess you can go then. It’s not like Bones is going to let me out of here anytime soon. If you get me a padd before you leave, I’ll write up my report tonight and send it to you to match up with your own tomorrow.” He glanced down at his stomach. “I think I’d like to keep a few things a secret. Better to ask forgiveness than permission, and all that.”

“Yes, sir.” Spock nodded his head slightly. “I will check in with the departments before I retire for the evening.” He retrieved a padd from a nearby workstation and handed it to Jim.

“Thanks, Spock.” Jim waved him towards the door. “Goodnight.”

“Goodnight, Captain.” Spock pivoted and left.

Captain. When anyone else said it, pride welled up inside Jim. When Spock said it, his whole chest ached.

Now alone, Jim opened his account on the padd and pulled up a standard mission report form. After filling in the required personnel details and the reason for the mission, he paused at the second question.

“Detail the events of the mission.”

Let’s see. He and Spock had been walking along, scanning flowers, when they were captured, drugged, and forced to fuck. Then apparently Spock had gotten both of them out of the jail and back to the ship, where Jim woke up pregnant.


What an insane idea.

Even having seen the diagram and the baby’s genetic scan, Jim couldn’t imagine that there was an actual person growing on his liver. Surely this was just a misunderstanding or a bunch of faulty computer readings caused by the polonium. Or maybe Bones and Spock were playing a horrible joke on him.

But Spock’s tight shoulders and Bones’ deep frown told him that they had been telling the truth. There was nothing funny about this situation. He was about to do something no man had ever done.

He started to touch his stomach, then paused. His hand hovered indecisively in midair. Then he let it fall back to the padd.

He’d touch his stomach later. When the baby started to show. It’d feel more real then.

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