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Fic: Kicked From Inside - Chapter 2/18 (Kirk/Spock, NC-17)

Chapter Two

Spock remained in the same position through two hours and five more orgasms on Jim’s part. It wasn’t until Jim began to sob that he rolled over.

Jim lay on his back, tears falling from his eyes and hips humping the air. His cock blazed painfully red.

“Spah…” He gasped for breath. “Spock. Please?”

He had achieved his previous orgasms in twenty minutes or less, but forty-five minutes had passed since the last one. A diagnosis of priapism generally required the patient to have an erection that lasted more than four hours. Jim had not yet reached that point, but Spock knew he would if nothing happened to change the situation.

But engaging in intercourse with his captain and betraying his sworn-one was illogical.

However, stopping Jim’s suffering and avoiding potentially deadly effects of the drug was logical.

Spock had also received the drug, and his own mental state would likely begin devolving soon. Remedying the situation before that could happen was logical.

Finally, saving his captain’s life was logical. Starfleet Command would agree. The crew would agree. Jim’s friends would agree. Even Nyota, though she would be badly hurt, would agree.

Spock sat up in the bed. Jim yelped and thrust his hips up as he brushed against him.

Fornicating with Jim was more logical than illogical, thus they should have sex.

Regulations stated that the captain should not engage sexually with his subordinates until both parties had signed consent and non-coercion forms and had been assessed by a practicing psychologist. However, both Jim and Spock were under extreme duress. Neither of them were capable of acting as captain at the moment.

“Jim,” Spock waited until his captain’s eyes rested on him. “Are you emotionally compromised?”

He barked out a breathless laugh. “What do you think?”

“Captain, are you emotionally compromised?”

Jim blinked at him for a moment, then he nodded vigorously. “Yes, I’m compromised. I’m relieving myself from duty.” He rolled to his side, pressing against Spock. “And you’re compromised too.”

Spock closed his eyes against the truth of that statement. “Indeed.” He raised one hand, then let it fall to Jim’s backside. “I relieve myself from duty.”

With that statement, Scotty became the captain of the ship, as second officer, though he obviously wouldn’t know. And Spock became free to do what the blood burning his veins told him… roll Jim onto his back and begin rutting against him.

He kept his movements short and quick. Each thrust made Jim whimper softly, and Spock soon realized the fabric of his slacks was too abrasive against Jim’s abused skin. He slid his pants and underwear off at the same time, pulling them down to his ankles as he perched on the bed. His shoes precluded him from pulling them off completely, but his movements were unhindered, so he disregarded the fabric pooled at his feet.

Jim thrust upwards, brushing his stomach against Spock’s freed cock. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me…”

Their captor had said that intercourse would stop the effects of the drug. Spock would have to penetrate Jim, as he was more in control of his lust and less likely to hurt his partner by proceeding too quickly.

Spock slid his hand along his penis, lingering under the first ridge where he was most sensitive. The lubrication glands were particularly numerous there, and he was able to gather some of his slick fluid. Then he removed his hand from himself and began fingering Jim’s anus.

Jim stared up at him, babbling continuously as Spock began to stretch him. There were no words to his speech, only sounds and whimpers. Suddenly feeling the need to shut Jim up, Spock leaned down and kissed him harshly. Jim’s heart thumped rapidly in his chest, nearly as fast as Spock’s was throbbing in his side. The rush of blood through their bodies was exhilarating and almost painful in its pleasure.

Spock withdrew his hand, certain Jim would be able to accommodate his slim erection. He pressed the head of his penis to Jim’s anus and eased inside. The tapered tip slid in slowly up until the first ridge, where Spock paused. After a strong thrust back by Jim, it popped past the ring of muscles.

Jim and Spock moaned as one. The muscles squeezed tightly around the ring of flesh that hid between his two ridges when he was flaccid. The delicate skin tingled, sending shockwaves up Spock’s back. He thrust back and forth slowly, careful to keep himself positioned so Jim’s anus squeezed that sensitive skin with every movement.

Jim babbled beneath him, one particular word reoccurring often… “Prostate! Prostate, oh god, prostate, oh, oh, oh, oh, prostate, right there, perfect, ah! More, prostate, shit, god, fuck!”

Apparently Spock’s ideal position was perfect for Jim as well. He writhed frantically on the bed, his red penis bouncing around between them. The head left behind dribbles of preseminal fluid whenever it brushed against one of their stomachs. Spock wished he could take hold of the erection and caress it, but it was already painfully inflamed.

Instead, he slid his hand up to Jim’s face. His fingers naturally fell to rest on the meld points, but he paused. “Jim, may I enter your mind?”

Without a mind-touch, Spock could not orgasm. The reason Vulcans waited until they bonded to experience intercourse was due to the overwhelming urge to sink completely into one’s partner at the moment of completion: body, mind, and soul. Keeping his mind and katra separate from Jim’s would be difficult, but since they were not in a relationship, there would be less chance of a spontaneous bond occurring.

Jim moaned and pressed his face against Spock’s hand, but he did not respond verbally.

Unwilling to proceed without consent, Spock stopped moving. Jim whined and wriggled, trying to get some stimulation, but Spock rested his full weight on Jim, forcing him to still.

“May I enter your mind?”

Brilliant blue eyes burst open and locked with his. “Yes.”

Spock sank into Jim. Like quicksand, Jim’s mind grabbed hold. With every thrust of his erection, every burst of pleasure, Jim pulled him in deeper. Their eyes closed, each of them focusing inward.

Struggling to hold back, Spock plunged his penis deeper into Jim, past his second ridge. The resulting position trapped him closer to Jim, as he could only retreat a few inches before Jim’s muscles clasped him and pulled him back.

Vulcans did not panic. Spock would not panic. No matter how beautiful and captivating and glorious Jim’s mind seemed, Spock would hold back. Nyota was his sworn-one. Jim was his captain, nothing more.

At that thought, Jim’s mind seemed to falter. It released him just enough for Spock to pull back to a safe distance.

Able to focus on his pleasure now, Spock found himself approaching orgasm. He thrust his hips faster. Searching the peripherals of Jim’s mind, he was able to locate the nerve endings he needed. Bracing himself, he joined their nervous systems.

Pleasure ricocheted back and forth between them, sending both of them spiraling over the edge. As soon as Spock felt his orgasm begin, he ripped his hand from Jim’s face. He waited until the last pulse of his semen escaped, then pulled out his softening erection.

Jim sucked in a breath at the movement. His eyelids fluttered but remained shut. His erection was diminishing rapidly, semen trailing up his chest from his climax.

Spock stood carefully so as not to trip over the pants still tangled around his ankles. Once free of Jim, he straightened his clothing, drawing up his pants and tucking in his shirt.

He pulled the sheet out from under Jim and used it to wipe him off. He wasn’t overly gentle, but Jim didn’t even stir. His breathing had evened out, and when Spock touched his forehead with a single fingertip, he found that Jim was fast asleep. He draped the sheet over Jim, positioning it so that the soiled parts didn’t touch him. Finally, he took a seat on the edge of the bed.

He monitored his bodily functions. He was cold, but the temperature was bearable. His heart rate had decreased. His psychic connections felt raw and sore due to his link with Jim being disengaged improperly, but he remained unbonded.

In fact, aside from the minor pain of the severed mind meld and the endorphin rush of an orgasm, he felt entirely normal. The drug seemed to have dissipated from his bloodstream.

A noise came from the door. Spock looked up as Telif entered alone.

The man took in Spock and Jim’s positions, and his eyes widened. “Did you…?”

“Yes, we administered the antidote as you described it.”

Telif touched his forehead then moved one hand from his right shoulder to his left and back to his right in a move that appeared ritualistic. “The God Above. You aren’t from the potentate. None of his people would have…” He shook his head. “Please forgive us.”

Spock crossed the cell to where Telif stood. “For what do you ask forgiveness?”

The man backed away from the bars of the cell, dismay in his eyes. “We have cursed you with an abomination.” He made the ritualistic hand movement again. “Your friend is pregnant.”

Spock took a slow deep breath. “Explain.” Human males did not have a place for an embryo to implant. Only one human male pregnancy had ever been recorded, and the “baby” in question had been created solely of alien DNA.

“The drug… it makes the receiver extremely fertile. We usually give it to women who cannot conceive. When a man takes it, he becomes insatiably aroused until he is impregnated. Once the embryo implants, the body begins to manufacture a hormone that renders the drug inert.” He stared at Jim as if he were a ghost. “The child will drain him of life. He will not survive to birth it.”

“I am fine, and I have not been impregnated.”

Telif glanced up at Spock, startled. “You weren’t given the drug.”

“Then why—”

“Only one of you could be given the drug.” He looked away. “If you both received it, you would have lost your senses and copulated. No one deserves to be forced into this. You appeared less likely to succumb to the drug, so we gave it to your friend to pressure you into revealing your secrets.”

No one deserved to be forced into this. His words struck Spock in the gut. He hadn’t been under the influence of any drug. He had chosen to have intercourse with Jim of his own free will. He had betrayed Nyota of his own free will. He had created a child of his own free will.

He forced himself to focus on the situation at hand. “Why administer such a drug? What information could be worth a man’s life?”

“Potentate Nalen is the king of the country to our north. He has long coveted this city, due to the fertile land and rich mineral deposits in the area. The gorge is particularly high in minerals, and we have been monitoring it for the past year, as we have heard many rumors that the potentate has been amassing an army.” Telif’s forehead creased. “We are a small city. I am both governor and sheriff. If we are attacked, we have no one to protect us but ourselves.”

“The leader of your country cannot protect you?”

The man let out a broken laugh. “Our resources mean little to Potentate Benom. He would give us to Potentate Nalen, if enough money was offered. But Benom is still the better option, as he is content to ignore us.”

Spock clenched his hands into fists. “Is your land, no matter how rich, as valuable as his life?”

“No.” He offered his ritual sign again. “The God Above has decreed that life is worth more than anything else. But if Nalen invaded, my people would fight to protect their families. We are not trained soldiers. Many would die.”

“And the lives of the many outweigh the lives of the few.” The logic was sound, though the application of it in this situation was based on misconceptions.

“If we had known you truly didn’t understand…” Telif shook his head. “No one would choose this.” He turned to leave. “I will send someone to release you. I must go to the temple and pray. I have killed an innocent this day.” He left.

Spock grabbed at the bars in front of him. The man was not the only one who had killed that day. He had killed Jim and his own first-conceived child because of his lust.

He forced himself to think. They would be released soon. He had his communicator. He would get them both to the beam-out point and call for help. Doctor McCoy would be able to remove the embryo before it implanted too deeply. Jim would not die.

However, that would not change the fact that Spock had not been drugged when he copulated with Jim. The sex was not consensual.

Spock might not have killed Jim, but he did rape him.

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