Stella Notecor (stella_notecor) wrote,
Stella Notecor

New Name?

So, I have a question for you.

Project X, a backburner book of mine, is actually more of a YA series than an adult series. It is technically in-between, as some of the characters are in their twenties and others are still 18/19. And when marketing, I'd want to market to both audiences since it is in the middle.

My question for you then is, should I publish it under a different name? I wouldn't want some preteen to read Project X and then go buy my other books thinking they'll be similar, only to get a brainfull of sex. On the other hand, I have a built-in audience with this name plus having a separate name would require me to deal with a variety of (expensive) legal issues and I'd have to start a new website and blog.

What do you think?

Poll #1809472 New Name?

Should I publish my YA books under a different name?

Yes! Teens shouldn't have any idea you write sex!
Maybe... young teens need to be protected from sex, but the older ones could handle it.
No. It's a parents job to protect young teens, and the older ones can make their own decisions about sexy stuff.
Tags: publishing: marketing

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