August 3rd, 2015

Stella Notecor

So what's next? More PARAPOLICE!

Now that I've finally finished THE BET, my EPIC WRITER'S BLOCK seems to be gone! So,  I'm proud to present my next book: SUCCUBUS.

Desiree is introduced in THE BET, and I personally fell in love with her. She's a Southern Belle and a succubus who traveled the world, only to wind up in New York City. She wants nothing more in life than a "normal" life, but through a series of life events, she ended up becoming a victim of human trafficking and having to use her succubus powers to please men as a dominatrix on the threat of pain or death. Now free of that world, she's become a Parapolice and wants to use her powers to protect others.

SUCCUBUS is available for pre-order on Amazon, and will be released on September 30, 2015. I am SOOO excited about this book, and I hope everyone loves Desiree as much as I do!

Book 2: Succubus - Preorder Now! Available September 30, 2015

Desiree always wanted the life of a Southern Belle: a dog, 2.5 kids, and a white picket fence. She never imagined she would end up being held captive by a human trafficker and forced to be a dominatrix because of her succubus powers. Even though she escaped that situation and now has a normal life, she knows the perfect life she dreamed of is no longer within her grasp.

When she meets a sweet, twenty-five-year-old virgin, her mouth starts to water. David is the kind of man she's always wanted. He's kind, honest, and looks adorable in his NYPD uniform. Trouble is, he's engaged. Or was...

David's girlfriend turns up dead, and Desiree is called in to consult on the NYPD case as a member of the parapolice. Even though David's energy tastes sweet as sugar, his name keeps turning up during her investigation.

Desiree wants to believe that David is a good man, but she might be falling in love with a serial killer...

This SPICY novella contains tortured souls, gobs of sugary-sweet romance, hot male/female sex, and one sassy Southern Belle!

PS: Yes, my Succubus is named Desiree. Her brother's name is Beau, and he's an incubus. Yes, Desiree's mother is very proud of her succubus heritage, and yes, Desiree hated her name for most of middle and high school!