July 20th, 2013

Stella Notecor

The Bet

Oi! I finally finished a sex scene in my novel The Bet... a novel that I started nearly 2 years ago.

Actually, the story was planned as a Harry Potter NextGen fanfic 4 years ago. 3 years ago I revamped the storyline into an AU Star Trek fanfic. Then 2 years ago I revamped it to the original fiction story it is today.

Maybe that's why it's been so hard for me to write it! I've never had so much writer's block on a story before. When I sit down to write it, it takes me an hour to write 250 words. For reference, I can easily write 1,000 words in 45 minutes most of the time. I think it's because this is the first novella I am attempting to write as original fic from start to finish. My published novella The Broken started as a fanfic that I altered into original fic. Granted, I altered it a LOT, and cut out/polished some sub-plots, so it's quite different, but I used about 50% of the original words, meaning I started with it 50% done!

However, The Bet has been a struggle from start to finish. The good news though is that I struggled through a sex scene that I had literally been putting off for almost 2 years! I typically skip sex scenes when I write, adding a note to the manuscript like ADD SEX HERE and then continuing writing. This is because sex scenes always take me forever to write!

Sometimes this doesn't work as I am a very chronological writer--I cannot skip around when I am writing (except for sex scenes) or I get writer's block until I go back and write what I skipped. For some reason, I think this sex scene had that effect on me, and now that I've gone back and written it, I'm hoping the rest of the story will flow nicely!

I would LOVE to get this novella written and published before 2014... 4 years of it percolating in my head is more than enough! Cross your fingers for me!