April 30th, 2012

Stella Notecor

The Broken goes Amazon Exclusive May 14th!

I've decided to make The Broken an Amazon exclusive, starting May 14th. It will remain an Amazon exclusive for 90 days, at which point I will reevaluate and decide if being exclusive is good or bad for the book.


Because the honest truth is that I make over 90% of my earnings on The Broken at Amazon, and I'm interested in seeing how making it available in the Kindle Lending Library and perhaps offering it for free will affect my numbers. My sales have dropped recently, I'm assuming due to a bad review I got on Amazon, so I'd like to boost them back up.

If you want to purchase The Broken from someone other than Amazon, I'd recommend doing it before May 10th... I'll be pulling the book on May 10th, in hopes of it being taken off the other sites by May 14th.

If you want to purchase The Broken from Amazon, keep your eyes open... I'll definitely be putting it for free at some point during this experiment. And no worries... I'll be sure to post here and let you know when it goes free! =)