February 9th, 2012

Stella Notecor

I am a dummy...

For some reason, I thought that New Spock had no idea Old Spock existed until he met him in the ship docking area and they talked. But tonight, as I was watching youtube clips to research for a fanfic, I realized that on the Jellyfish, Spock inferred that his future self had been in the ship and that Kirk knew about his future self AND that Kirk realized that Spock knew/suspected his future self had been in the ship.

So why is it that I thought that Kirk would still be trying to keep Old Spock a secret even after they started their new mission? I have no idea. But obviously, even aboard the Jellyfish, Spock knows and Jim knows and Jim knows that Spock knows and Spock knows that Jim knows.

Which means... I need to do some rewriting on the fanfic I'm working on. Also... I now have some issues to fix in old fanfics whenever I manage to find the time for that...

Seriously guys... why did none of you point this out to me???? I feel so dumb... I made a big point of Old Spock's "reveal" in Affliction's Sons even, and no one pointed it out! (Though multiple people pointed out that Vulcan's should be colder than humans, not hotter, even though in my personal headcanon Vulcan's are hotter... and since there is no canon proof that they aren't, I'm gonna go with headcanon. *nods*)

(Also, I may be a bit tired and loopy. I think it's time for bed, lol!)