February 5th, 2012

Stella Notecor

Thank you!

So, I've been off lj for a little while, writing quietly and watching in amazement as my numbers on amazon got higher and higher last month. I ended the month of January with 63 sales of THE BROKEN. This amounted to 2 sales per day, which isn't a jaw-droppingly high number, but it's a nice, steady number that is apparently decently high according to what I've heard from self-pubbed people.

And since I know some of you are wondering, it's worth about $125 in money. I finally exceeded a goal I set for myself way back when I first published THE BROKEN. My first goal was to make 50+ sales in a month, which I exceeded that very first month. My second goal was to make $100 on the book in a month, which I finally did. It's obviously not enough money for me to quit working and just write. In fact, all of the money is going right back into my business in various ways (as all of the money I have made on the book so far has). But it does tell me that I am moving in the right direction and that I will someday be able to make enough money on my writing to do it full-time.

I want to thank all of you. Thank you for being here and supporting me! I know the power of viral marketing and I know that some of those sales can be attributed to you guys telling your friends about me. So, thank you for that!
Stella Notecor


In a review I got about THE BROKEN, the reviewer complained that the book had too much explicit sex in it. So I started wondering if there really was too much sex, and if there is, do I need to cut the sex in my other books? I don't know. From what I've read/seen/heard, most people expect there to be sex in male/male novels. And a lot of people expect it to be decently explicit.

Now, I like sex, and I'm happy to write about it when it fits the story, as it did that one. But I've had other stories that I have put aside simply because I doubted whether I could really write sex into them. Since it seemed like such an expectation to me, I didn't want to write a story that no one would buy just because the sex was "missing."

So, I'm asking for your thoughts.

Do you expect the characters to have sex in male/male stories?

Only if the book is marketted as erotica.

How explicit do you expect sex in male/male stories to be?

Non-explicit - fade to black and/or use euphemisms
Semi-explicit - tell what's happening, but focus on emotions, not body parts
Explicit - tell which body parts are going where and how hard and fast!

If you have read THE BROKEN, what were your thoughts on the sex in it?

Too much.
Just right.
Not enough.