October 31st, 2011

Stella Notecor


The Broken was recently reviewed in a couple of different places, so I thought I'd post some tidbits from the reviews on here and link to them. There was some constructive criticism given, which I'll be using in future books, but overall they were mostly positive reviews. And no one said they hated it! Hooray! \o/

Reviews for The Broken

"There was a lot of attention paid to detail throughout the story and I was easily transported to another time. ... If you're a lover of well-written romantic historicals this one should delight you." - Man Oh Man Reviews

"As The Broken moves to its climax, Stella Notecor paints some very vivid and painful imagery, as well as some very sweet scenes between James and Sheamus." - BlackRaven's Reviews

"The Broken by Stella Notecor certainly engaged my every emotion, from fury to fear to appreciation. This is the only work I've seen from this author, but I could certainly read more." - Dark Divas Reviews

"The Broken is a story of men who defy society and love regardless of what may happen. It is a story of learning to trust, of not being perfect, but being willing to love where love grows and having the faith that this love will not hurt. I cannot wait to read Stella Notecor again." - TwoLipsReviews

"One of the most gripping Male/Male novels I've come across, this book surpasses anyone's expectation of a good slash story to read in spare time." - ginny112 in a flocked post.

"There is a whirl of emotions and feelings here, good and bad. It will definitely move you!" - Booked Up

To my reviewers: Thanks for reading my book and offering your thoughts! I do appreciate them all!
Stella Notecor

Original Fic: Powerless (Sexy Short #1, NC-17)

Title: Powerless
Series: Sexy Shorts
Rating: NC-17
Wordcount: ~5,000 words

Author's Note: I just realized that I can totally post this entire story on here. Duh! Here you go guys! Enjoy!

Mark may be in charge at the office, but at home he's... POWERLESS.

When Mark orders his boyfriend-and-employee David to get coffee, David is offended. He's the Chief Technology Officer for their company, not some lowly secretary! But he's ready to make Mark understand what it means to lose control of a situation. It's time for one of their games...

This SPICY 5,000 word story contains BDSM elements, a male/male couple, and lots of sex! If you like gags, restraints, and sensory deprivation, you'll love this story!

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