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Original Fiction (Published Books/Short Stories)

The Broken - M/M Novella

Powerless - M/M Short Story

Fanfiction - Unlocked


Everything They Never Had (R, ~3,250 words)

Emotions Outweigh Logic (NC-17, ~6,000 words)

Boldun (Affliction's Sons prequel, NC-17, ~5,500 words)

Affliction's Sons (R version, ~66,000 words)

Affliction's Sons (NC-17 version, ~70,000 words)

Variations of Vulcan Vaginas (PG-13, ~900 words)

Roadhead (NC-17, ~3,500 words)

Kicked From Inside (WIP, NC-17, ? words)


Mother's Milk (NC-17, ~1,900 words)


My Heart: Shattered (PG-13, ~4,500 words)


You Will Go On A Long Journey (In Bed) (NC-17, ~38,000 words)

Fanfiction - Locked

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Real Life Love (pg-13, ~8,000 words)

Holographic Love (pg-13, ~5,800 words)

The Bet

Stella Notecor
So, after 4+ years of working on this story, I'm finally 75% done with it! (Pathetic, I know.) I'll be posting the chapters that are complete on here, one per day, with the hope that having a deadline to finish writing the rest of the book before I run out of chapters to post will make me finish.

I'm not going to guarantee that I'll be finishing this book, but I promise that I'm really trying this time. So, please, read and enjoy The Bet, Book 1 of the Parapolice Series. (And if any of you guys wants to beta read/critique the book when it's done, please let me know!)

An entire society lives right under our noses. Paranormals make up five percent of the world’s population, and that number is growing. Paranormals and normals are falling in love, getting married, and having children. And paranormal genes are dominant...
Christopher Stanton is tired of hiding in the shadows. With the help of his paranormal private investigators, known as Parapolice to the government agencies they assist, Stanton exposes the Paranormal Society.
The divulging of the paranormals' existence leads to prejudice and intolerance. Some paranormals fight the bigotry by appealing to the government for protection. Others hide their powers, attempting to live as normals. Unfortunately, neither approach can halt the violence that has erupted.
Only the Parapolice can bridge the gap to keep everyone safe.

Book 1: The Bet

Jason joins the Stanton and Associates private investigation firm on a whim. His rash decision soon leads to another—he bets his new partner Adam that he can hide from him in between working on their assignments. After all, Adam might be the best psychic Jason has ever met, but Jason has a wildcard up his sleeve.

He can shape-shift—and he isn’t confined to his own gender.

With that in mind, Jason plans to win the bet by seducing Adam as a woman. Only, Adam’s actually pretty awesome. And the sex is totally mind blowing. And Jason might be falling in love…

This SPICY story contains gender-bending, male/female sex, and male/male sex!

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The Bet

Stella Notecor
Oi! I finally finished a sex scene in my novel The Bet... a novel that I started nearly 2 years ago.

Actually, the story was planned as a Harry Potter NextGen fanfic 4 years ago. 3 years ago I revamped the storyline into an AU Star Trek fanfic. Then 2 years ago I revamped it to the original fiction story it is today.

Maybe that's why it's been so hard for me to write it! I've never had so much writer's block on a story before. When I sit down to write it, it takes me an hour to write 250 words. For reference, I can easily write 1,000 words in 45 minutes most of the time. I think it's because this is the first novella I am attempting to write as original fic from start to finish. My published novella The Broken started as a fanfic that I altered into original fic. Granted, I altered it a LOT, and cut out/polished some sub-plots, so it's quite different, but I used about 50% of the original words, meaning I started with it 50% done!

However, The Bet has been a struggle from start to finish. The good news though is that I struggled through a sex scene that I had literally been putting off for almost 2 years! I typically skip sex scenes when I write, adding a note to the manuscript like ADD SEX HERE and then continuing writing. This is because sex scenes always take me forever to write!

Sometimes this doesn't work as I am a very chronological writer--I cannot skip around when I am writing (except for sex scenes) or I get writer's block until I go back and write what I skipped. For some reason, I think this sex scene had that effect on me, and now that I've gone back and written it, I'm hoping the rest of the story will flow nicely!

I would LOVE to get this novella written and published before 2014... 4 years of it percolating in my head is more than enough! Cross your fingers for me!

Life is Life

Stella Notecor
So, it's been a while since I posted. Things have been going pretty well in my life--I'm doing VERY well at my new job as a teacher and getting tons of compliments! (My vice principal told me she's never seen a first year teacher do this well and the behavior specialist, herself a veteran teacher of around 20 years, said in front of a whole group of people that I'm "as good a teacher as a 20-year veteran"!)

However, being good at my job means not having ANY time or brainpower for writing. I haven't even been reading fanfiction or my flist. Mostly I work from 7AM till 4 or 5PM (I'm allowed to go home at 2:30PM, but I never leave at that time, lol), come home, cook dinner, eat, watch some television, and crash. On the weekends, I sleep, do laundry, and spend time with the family.

But that's what the life of most first year teachers looks like. I've already started streamlining things in my life, so hopefully by by second year as a teacher I'll be able to have a social life! If not, at least I get the summers off. =P

Unfortunately, this holiday season has been difficult. My uncle, who I barely knew, died the Friday before Christmas, and my grandmother, who I wasn't particularly close to, died New Year's Day, both on my father's side. I'm sad, but not distraught. Mostly I feel horrible for my dad, who had to deal with both of these sudden deaths so close to each other.

Still, life must go on. I'm trying to look at the new year positively. I have a single resolution this year: lose weight. I'm terribly unhealthy at the moment, and feeling much older than my years, so I just want to get down to a healthier weight. My ultimate goal is to fit into my Senior Prom dress again. I felt fit and healthy in high school, though I was still technically overweight, and I'll be happy to get back to that point.

My hopes, though I wouldn't call them resolutions, are to finish THE BET, write some Young Adult books that have been begging to be written for 5 years now (seriously, I have the notes I took 5 years ago when I started to outline the plot!) and for which I already have the cover art (painted by a fabulously talented friend), and to just enjoy life. I'm done with school, settling into my dream career, and hoping to move into my own apartment next fall. I'm hoping 2013 will be a great year for me!

And I'm hoping it will be a great year for all of you too! Happy New Year everyone! ♥

THE BET... Isn't Done =(

Stella Notecor
So, in my attempts to finish THE BET by tomorrow, I did get quite a bit written/edited. The cover is finalized, the summary/cover copy is ready, and all I need to do is finish the book and edit. The editing won't take long, as I've spent quite a bit of time editing and re-editing the chapters I've already written. What is taking me so long is dealing with the big reveal.

I'm not used to the way men think. For whatever reason, I'm having a lot of trouble portraying Adam and Jason without making them come across as melodramatic. I've rewritten parts of the reveal about five times now, and I just can't get it right.

The truth is, I was never happy with THE BROKEN, my other novel, but I decided to go ahead and publish it and just move on. I don't want to do that with THE BET. I want to do a good job on it, so that I can be proud of it.

I'm going to keep working on THE BET. But I'm not going to put a timeline on it. It will be ready when it is good, and it won't be good if I rush.

In better news, part of the reason I haven't finished THE BET is that I haven't had time. I got a new job as a part-time teacher (yay!) and I've also been hired to edit a novel (yay!), so I'm thankfully stabilizing money-wise.

Now I just need to find a way to get my health more stable. I've been so tired lately, I have to sleep for 10+ hours just to feel normal. I have near constant headaches, and I'm often overcome with dizzy spells or nausea. Between the new job and feeling ill, my free time in which I can write is minimal. Sigh. Why does real life hate me? Maybe I'm just not supposed to finish this book! =P
Stella Notecor
Today I am still feeling vaguely ill.
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Also, I finally rented and watched the Hunger Games movie. I wasn't thrilled with any of the previews I saw, so I didn't expect much out of the movie.

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So, while the movie certainly didn't beat the book at all (even the visual effects like the fire-clothes were better in the book!), I did enjoy it and I'll probably rent the rest of the movies when they come out. =)

ETA: Suddenly, I'm extremely nauseous. Gonna take some Dramamine, hope it helps... though I'll probably just end up falling asleep since it makes me drowsy. Arg. Stupid body.

ETA2: Nausea gone. Drowsiness and headache have taken it's place. Arg. Gonna try to write for another hour, then I'm giving up and going to bed.


Stella Notecor
Quick poll tonight. I feel like shit. I've been having dizzy/nausea spells on and off for about 3 months now. They only hang around for 2-3 days a month, but they suck. All I want to do is sleep... but I'm still working on The Bet. I really, really want to finish soon.

While dizzy, non-writing tasks are easier, so I started playing around with my book cover for The Bet. Check out the two versions below, then please take the poll! And I mean everyone! Even if you've never written a word to me, please, please, please fill out the poll. This is market research people, and I need to know what everyone in the market likes. =P

Poll #1864559 Covers?

I like the dimensions (length x width) better for...


I like the fonts better on...


I like the color of the image better for...


Now I know why they cost so much...

Stella Notecor
Whenever I see someone advertising that they will format your ebook for you and post it on all the appropriate web venues, I always wonder why anyone would be willing to pay $100 or more for something they can easily do themselves. Then I format one of my own books for the various sites and remember how much of a pain in the ass it is.

Especially when you spend 3 hours editing and formatting and making everything pretty... only to realize you've used the wrong draft of your story. *facepalm*

So, after yet another hour of editing and formatting, I can now announce that COMMUNICATION is complete. Done. Finished. Alleluia.

If you'd like, it's available for download as an epub, mobi, or pdf file on my website and on Smashwords. You can also read it entirely online at my website.

Currently it is "publishing" on When it does finish publishing, it will be $0.99 at first, though I'll do my best to get it free on there too. It'll also take a few days for it to get shipped from Smashwords to iBooks and Barnes and Noble. I'll keep an eye on those sites and let you know when it goes up on there. =)

And now it's back to work on The Bet...

New Laptop! ♥

Stella Notecor
Well, I'm typing this on my new laptop. It's a Lenovo G570, and my old one was a Lenovo G550, so it handles much like my old one did. The tech specs are mostly the same, but this one has a different keyboard set up and a built-in card reader. I'm liking the card reader, but I'm not sure I'm going to like the keyboard. They moved all my favorite buttons!

Anyway, the files and programs I use are all set and ready, so I'm back on track with everything... minus $300. Sigh.

Oh well. It's time for me to get back to work on THE BET. Once I get that published I'll be rolling in the dough, right? =P